RESULTS – MESCON Ticket Fundraiser

Hello all!

I wanted to share the results of the survey about the MESCON Ticket Fundraiser.

We had 22 respondents, which is about 30% of the Domain membership. Various research sources indicate that the average response to surveys ranges from 25% – 60%…so…while on the low end, we are still within parameter for response ratios.

Of the 22 members that responded : 72% were in favor of hosting SOME form of Domain sponsored fundraiser for MESCON admission. The biggest concern was ensuring that whatever it was that we do, that it does not negatively impact the Domain’s fundraising for FGoTM or our general overhead goals. With that in mind, the Domain will only be gathering funds and serving as a single point of contact for facilitating this, we will not be matching funds from Domain resources.

When it came to determining HOW we should accomplish this: 45% (10 members) indicated that they would prefer to see this handled through general donations which are specifically earmarked for the purpose of MESCON tickets. 31% (7 members) indicated they would like to see raffles. 4 members indicated both would be their preference.

When it came to determining who would be eligible for these tickets, we had a wide range of responses. Most of the responses indicated a preference for members who a) Had never attended MESCON and b) Lower MC members first. A variety of other suggestions were also offered : first come first served, lottery for those in need, general raffle, combination of all of the above were all suggested.

With these results in mind – we will be moving forward with hosting an opportunity for the Domain to raise funds specifically to go toward donated general admissions to MESCON. This will be a general fundraiser that members may donate funds earmarked specifically toward the purchase of MESCON tickets. A form will be created for interested members to fill out, which will have indicators such as : MC class, Have you ever attended a MESCON before, will you not be able to attend otherwise, when did you join MES, how many games to you plan on attending? Those persons who apply will be reviewed by myself and the Coord Staff to select members that meet the most of these combined qualifications first, then go down the scale from there.

Members who wish to be considered for this will have until 5/20/2019 to submit their “application”.

We will collect funds for this endeavor between now and 5/27/19 and award what we can by 5/31/2019.

NOTE: these dates have been selected as the rates for Tier I ($45) admission go up 6/1/2019.

There is no guarantee that members who apply for a ticket will receive one. The number of tickets available will be entirely dependent upon the amount of money other members of the Domain donate toward this cause. Should we have more money than applicants, the Domain will sit on those funds until MESCON, and make them available in the event that we have a last minute member who really wants to go, but cannot otherwise.

I will be creating the MESCON applicant form shortly and it will be live by the end of today.

If anyone has questions about this, please let me know.

Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010

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