Housekeeping – Social Media Policy and Threats of Physical Violence


I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that the MES has a very clear policy on behavior standards for our membership when discussing matters related to the Club (or related to other members) on Social Media platforms. While the MES respects the autonomy and privacy of others, posts on personal social media platforms which are aimed at the Club, members of the Club, or instances which occurred in the MES, fall under the COC and Social Media Policies.

While many of us often joke about “I’m gonna slap the taste outta you” or “ Dude, I’m gonna donkey punch you for that”; there is a difference between joking with people who understand the intentions and content of your statements, and making a noticeable threat of intent to harm. At NO TIME are legitimate threats of physical violence against other members, in regard to (or retaliation of) MES activities, to be seen as an acceptable means of communication. If these are brought to my attention, they will be actioned immediately.

Should you discover that this has happened to you, or you feel threatened in any way by the contents of someone’s posts on Social Media in regard to the MES – contact myself, the RC, or any other member of Staff so that we may help address the matter as expeditiously as possible.


Social Media Policy

The Mind’s Eye Society endeavors to create social spaces that are safe from unwelcome conduct or bullying for all members, including online interactions. The expectations of the Code of Conduct and other parts of the Membership Handbook apply to online interactions, including through social media mediums. MES members who violate the Code of Conduct or other Membership Handbook standards or expectations in social media mediums described below (e.g. engaging in doxxing, making threats of violence against other members of MES, etc…) will be subject to an investigation and potentially disciplinary action, including removal from the club, regardless of whether the post was ‘tagged’ as MES related or not. MES recognizes three broad categories of social media:

• Club-owned social media (e.g., the official MES page)
• Member-created and -owned club-related social media (e.g., a domain Facebook page or group)
• Personal social media (e.g., personal Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc.)

The MES Code of Conduct is in effect at all times in the use of club-owned and club-related social media. Personal social media are not considered to be directly covered by the Code of Conduct, unless it is in regard to club activities. For example:

a) The media is clearly tagged, the club is referenced, implicitly or otherwise, or a social media group that has a stated purpose as being for IC/OOC conversations about club activities;


b) The topic discussed is clearly a club-related matter.

MES does not police non-club-related interactions. Personal interactions, disputes, or disagreements unrelated to the club (e.g. conflicting political beliefs or opinions, etc…) are not covered by this social media policy, so long as they are not, in and of themselves, violations of the Membership Handbook or Code of Conduct.


Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010

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