When: 27th April 2019

Time: 5 pm MDT Sign in / 6 pm Start

Where: Discord –

Proxy deadline is the 26th April. Anything submitted after this date may not be seen on time or processed.

Downtimes have been answered.

Please also make sure your sheets on the database are up to date!

If you know someone who is not on the group or within discord already please pass this message on.

Once again I know a number of us are in different Timezones so late sign in will be allowed.

======= IC Teaser ==========

(Below is from the Unity Station Broadcast Service. A soft calming female voice relays the following statements.)

“Good Evening all you wonderful listeners out there this is your Unity Station Broadcast bringing you the latest and hottest news around.”

“Death’s Kiss. The hottest drug last month is now looking not so hot. It seems the once must have party drug is no longer. Of course there have been rumors of something brand new being released soon and it seems the party scene is more then happy to wait. Hopefully the death toll is kept to a minium this time round.”

“Sikorski-Guo Group despite it’s rise in production has now sealed off one of the tunnels. A representative eased concerns stating that it was for the safety of the workers and station. They will be looking to stablize the section of tunnel but for now it has been closed. However there has been some talk on the local gossip boards regarding something being found. Of course, Sikorski-Guo did not wish to comment on such rumors.”

“Now for some news from Vorix. Apparently there has been a discovery of unknown objects beneath the surface. Professors have been flooding the site trying to work out what has been found. They have not released any comments but have assured we will soon have more information. This discovery has been met with some backlash from radical groups. Many protesting against potentially ‘waking up’ these objects. For now the site has been secured thanks to our local Mercenary Union and a specialist has been called in. Hopefully we will have some more answers soon.”

“That is all for now. Thank you for listening to your latest Unity Station Broadcast.”

Kate Wadey

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