Announcement from the BOD – annual dues increase

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The following was just posted to the BOD FB page. Shared below.


MES Board of Directors

As of July 1, 2019, the Mind’s Eye Society will be increasing membership dues by $5, to a total of $25/year.

Why are we doing this?

The cost of doing business increases steadily with inflation while we’ve kept charging the same amount of money every year. We’re long overdue for a change in membership dues just based on inflation, let alone if we want to seriously explore new technology in terms of out of box solutions or entirely customized ones, or look into more serious consulting support to improve our internal processes.

Where does MES money go?

To answer that, I’ll start with where money comes from. The MES has three major funding sources: conventions, charities, and membership dues.

Conventions pay for themselves and we generally try to funnel any profits that we receive from conventions back into the conventions themselves, while also investing in better props, tools, and experiences for convention staffs and attendees.

The money that we receive from charitable donations goes directly to the charities themselves. The MES eats the cost of any money transfer fees (e.g., Paypal, Square, etc), because we have always believed that it’s important to ensure that every dollar a member donates through the MES goes directly to the charity.

Membership dues pay for the day to day operations of the organization; our technology overhead, insurance, convention prop storage, tablets and chromebooks used by convention staffs, trade show support, and accountant are paid for out of the membership dues bucket.

Over the last few years, we’ve been spending more money on our infrastructure (don’t laugh – when was the last time the database crashed during a convention? Remember the days when that was such a standard part of doing business that convention staff would plan for it?) and while the front end of the database and CRD don’t look any different, the underlying code has been improved, shored up, and are running on much more reliable services that all require money to make them as reliable as possible. As we look to the future, all of our real options are definitely going to be more expensive.

Why July?

The Board finished our 2019 budget approval process earlier this year and decided that we’re overdue for an increase in dues. We’ve always tried to keep our hobby as inexpensive and accessible for as many people as possible, so we’re giving members an opportunity to renew early under the old rate and start planning for the increase in the future.

Roo Wetzel
on behalf of the MES Board of Directors


Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010

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