VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period) – Resilience Space VSS

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.

At this time we have one applicant for the position of VST, for the Resilience Space VSS. Her application follows, and you all have through the end of April 25th to review this application, and ask any relevant questions you have.

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy. The VST candidate will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.

Application #1

Identifying Information: Kate Wadey, US2017060093

Contact Information: littletoastie@gmail.com

Objective: I want to continue to build and help my players build the Space game and strengthen it for future officers and players.

Plan of Action:
Myself and players helped create the VSS and get it off the ground. I want to continue with the help of my players to grow the venue and strengthen it. We are still testing the waters with many aspects of the game but I think we have gotten off to a good start and I can’t wait to see what my players bring to the VSS. I already have plots out that players are chasing and have many more waiting to be explored.

– aVST Virtual Space – Assistant Storyteller, helped run plot, narrative and help new players get a feeling for the setting.
– VST Virtual Space – I was only VST for three months and had to resign because of OOC issues that had risen.
– aVST Sabbat – Created plot, ran plot and narrative.

I have only been part of the club for just over a year. I have complete majority of the standards and believe I have two left to complete.

Disciplinary Actions: None.

Paid member status: Paid.

[End of application]

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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