Housekeeping – weapons / props reminder for local games

Hi folks!

I’ve had several questions over the last 6 weeks or so about Weapon-style props for costumes. As a reminder:

This is what the MHB says:
• Non-consensual physical contact is strictly prohibited. Weapons, overly realistic weapons props, stunting, consumption of blood, or any other activities a MES officer or the Board of Directors deems possible to cause physical harm or discomfort are prohibited. The presiding Coordinator at MES events has the discretion and authority to prohibit such activities or items.

I have spoken with the RC on this matter a couple of times. His person interpretation (and it is mine as well) is this:

• Realistic weapons props = anything a cop might think is real if seen in a dark alley.

If your weapon IS real – do not bring it. Peace tying an item, leaving it in a sheath or scabbard, is not sufficient for local games. Leave it at home.

If you are uncertain about your weapon/prop; please email me and we can discuss it.

NOTE: even if (after review) I give clearance for a weapon/prop – if a single player raises an objection, that item MUST leave the play space and will not be allowed.

If you have questions – feel free to reach out.

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010

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