Wiki! Get your Wikis Here! Survey! PRESTIGE!

Hey there DMHers!

As almost all of you know, we have MESCON 2019 coming up in Scottsdale this July. We have a lot of registrations already, from all over the US! We’re expecting an absurd amount of attendance… and generally, we’ll get a lot of people curious about our Domain.

That’s where you all come in, and me as well – more often than not, people will scamper off to the Wiki to find out about the Venues we host here. We’ve got some pretty awesome landing pages for our venues!

Some of the information is missing, however – and some is out of date. I’d love to fix that!

To that end, I’d like to offer over my help to anyone who’s interested. Here is what I am offering to help with:

  • If you have a wiki that’s not linked to the correct DMH Venue, let me know! I can help link it to the correct pages, so your page shows up there.
  • If your position/pack/information is incorrect, I can help!
  • If you have a retired/dead character page, let me know! I won’t delete it, but I can unlink it from our venue pages to de-clutter them. Your page will still show up in searches.
  • If you don’t have a page – I CAN HELP! I want to help! Even if it is the most basic page in the world, it is cool to have it up there for others to look at. 🙂
  • If you have a page you want modified, I can help!

I’ve created a form to collect information to create wiki pages for your characters:

If you fill that form out, I can make you a bare-bones wiki page! You can submit multiple times, for multiple characters/venues.

I’ve also arranged with the DC, that filling out this survey to create a wiki will earn you 5 General Prestige! So yay MC money! 😉

If you want more then basic stuff, let me know! I can try to jostle you up more! 🙂

If you need help with modifications or unlinking, email me directly.

I’d really love to get this all done – I would love to have people see how many awesome characters and concepts we have locally, so they can look forward to visiting us and connecting with us as characters and players!


Bryan Himebaugh

Also, for those missing the links for our Venue Wikis:

CoD-X – Trust but Verify –,_AZ

Space: Resillience –

VtM (Camarilla/Anarch): The Still Watchtower –,_AZ

VtM (Sabbat): The Dark Redemption –,_AZ

Werewolf: Under a Desert Moon –,_AZ

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