VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period) – Still Watchtower Cam/Anarch VSS

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.

At this time we have two applicants for the position of VST, for the Still Watchtower Cam/Anarch VSS. Their Applications follow alphabetic by applicant first name, and you all have through the end of April 11th to review their applications, and ask any relevant questions you have.

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy. VST candidates will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.

Below the applications you will find an updated anticipated timeline for the rest of the election phases, as the Application Period was extended. Note that although the election will not complete before the scheduled April game, game WILL occur as scheduled.

Application #1

Identifying Information: Dane Carll, US 2018090022

Contact Information: Pwilly928@yahoo.com

Objective: My primary objective as a storyteller has always been to make the players consider the choices they make and how it will impact the future of both themselves and the world they are inhabiting. I want players to feel involved in the world around them.

Plan of Action: Downtimes. One of the first things that I would plan to do is streamline the Downtime Scene system. My plan for this would be handling downtime scenes in a system similar Quests in WTA, as well as usage of Discord and Downtime Assistant(s), who will be in charge of processing downtimes. I hope to find a good way that both players and ST’s are confident in.

Secondly: Personal Scope, many Kindred within the Domain have lived here for a good while, and during those times I am “sure” that something has noticed them. This goes hand in hand with Newly arrived guests within the city that are a bit too careless with their feeding or other kindredly activities. There are eyes and ears all over the city. Somewhere, somehow, someone will get noticed.

Thirdly: Political Scope. Kindred can be deceitful, power hungry monsters as they feign politeness and etiquette in public gatherings. But to be a Kindred of Influence, you must do something to increase that power, and to gain someone must loose. Along with the recent change in the VSS with the Anarchs acquisition of Domain and the Events the city is going to host this summer. Entrenching or uprooting the Status Quo within the Domain is something i’d like to see more of.

Fourthly: Investment. Within the game we only have so much time to allow players to influence their surroundings and as such both players and ST’s need to be attentive to possible changes in circumstances.

I want players to feel invested in the Domain. Yet at the same time understand the risk that comes with such investment.

Lastly: Variety. I would like to try to increase the variety of challenges and problems that face the players of the Phoenix Domain. This is what I look forward to the most alongside with streamlining Downtimes!

Experience: I have not held any office with the Minds Eye Society.
Work: Retail Management for 7 years.
Literally herding cats, both customers and employees.

Warhammer Coordinator:
Game On, Prescott, Prescott Valley. 2012-2014.
Organizing play for both casual and paid entry events.
In charge of Event rules, Rules arbitration, and Prize payout.
10-24 players.

Storyteller and Narrator for Prescott VTM Troupe game.
Game On Prescott. 2014 -2016
Note for these games, we had 2 a month.
Served as Narrator in 2014,
Processed down-times, handled non-plot orientated in game issues, Portrayed NPC’s. Recruited players.
2015, Stepped up to Storyteller and finished the first Prescott Chronicle and started the second.
Handled all down-times, Backstory reviews, Character creation, XP audits etc for the game until I had to step down due to work.
15-25 players

Fate system: 2013-2018
3 stories. 3-6 players
Multiple one shots.

Pathfinder: 2011-2017
3 stories. 3-6 players
Several One shots.

DnD 5th: 2017-2018
2 Stories: 4-8 players.
4 One shots.

Membership Standards are not complete, they are awaiting grading, up to and including ST standards and Venue.

Disciplinary Actions: No Disciplinary actions have been received.
Paid member status: Active. Paid until March 2021

Application #2

Wade Yorke (US2014060085)



My objective as VST will be to maintain a high level of storytelling and player engagement.

Plan of Action

I plan to get up to speed on all current plots (local, national, and regional). I plan to work to create and support plots so that there’s always at least one thing of interest for all characters to pursue. I already have one aVST volunteer to help with plots and downtimes and will be looking for more.

MES Experience

04/18-Present AANST Baali/Gangrel/Infernal

06/17-04/18 AANST Gangrel

05/16-09/16 AVST Cam/Anarch

Other Experience

Outside of the organization I previously served as a Storyteller for several troupe LARPs, and have been playing/running tabletop RPGs for most of my life.

Disciplinary Actions

I have received no disciplinary actions.


I am a fully paid member.


Membership Chapters 1 – 8, Membership Contact, Membership Website, Venue Standard: Cam/Anarch.

Storyteller and ST Process standards will be completed within 30 days of being elected.

[End of applications]

Updated anticipated timeline of the rest of the election phases:

Application review period/Q&A: April 4th – April 11th

Voting period: April 12th – April 19th

Calculation of results: April 20th – April 21st

Confirmation: April 21st – April 22nd

Announcement of new VST: April 23rd
Note that this is an anticipated timeline. Timeline will change if more/less time is required for any step.

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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