SW RST Election Voting Begins

We have the following candidates for RST:

Darold Morris

Erin Miracle

John Osborne

Johnathan Fii

Kya Harris

Taylor Harrs

Travis Clark

None of the Above

To make this easier, I have created a Google Form for you to fill out and select your candidates, which can be found HERE:


You each have until Tuesday, April 9 at midnight (so Tuesday going into Wednesday ) to place your votes. Afterwards once my proctor and I have confirmed the winning candidate, they will be informed and the official announcement will be made within 48 hours of the election ending.

Thanks again, and good luck to the candidates!

NOTE: You do not need to request edit access, but if there is an issue with the form (it has been acting funky) please let me know ASAP


Miranda Rosenblum

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