Q2 Charity Announcement

Hello Everyone!

For this quarter we will be doing something new! Along with a standard quarterly charity, we have chosen a charity to “evergreen.” Essentially, you have two options when donating your time/money. You can donate to the standard quarterly charity, or you have the option of the evergreen charity which will be available through the end of the year.

Now without further ado I present your new charities!

Quarterly charity:

We know that so many folks have a passion for pet animals and the focus tends to fall on larger local organizations that benefit our furry friends. For Q2 we are supporting a smaller local rescue that focuses on an often overlooked pet group, our friends with feathers! Many pet birds are long lived, some outliving their owners for decades. The Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue serves as a place for feathery friends that have lost their homes and provides adoption services which for birds tends to take longer and be more in depth than a cat or dog.

Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue:

“We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, retirement, and placement of companion parrots.

We understand that many loving parrot owners find themselves facing the gut wrenching reality whereby they must surrender their beloved bird. While the facts behind this decision vary we understand how difficult it is to let go. We remain non-judgmental and supportive of your needs as well as those of birds who grace our lives. If you need to re-home your bird, we can help.

Adopting a parrot is a lifelong responsibility, as many birds out-live their owners. We take special care in matching up our adoptable birds with the right owners to build lasting relationships and forever homes. “


Evergreen charity:

As a very diverse domain, we often have members that have dietary restrictions of one kind or another. As we looked for an organization with a unique mission we came across the Cultural Cup. This small scale food bank and service organization serves populations that cannot accept a standard food box and may need to trade out some items for ones they can use, which is not acceptable at many food banks. The organization also collects other items like pet food, clothing, baby items and hygiene kits that are generally not available through a food bank. There is a wishlist on their website outlining what they need to keep moving forward. They are partnered with Maricopa county to provide assistance with SNAP applications and finding other assistive resources.

Cultural Cup:

“The Cultural Cup Food Bank is an “Alternative Food Bank” focused on, but not limited to: providing nutrional food for individuals and families with dietary restrictions.

Dietary restrictions can range from: ‘Diabetis’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Dialysis’, ‘Vegan/Vegetarian’, ‘Religion’, Allergies or other dietary needs.”



Kristen Brittenham

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