CoD-X 3/22/18

“Good Morning,

I received a message from the gentleman that was brought into my place about a month ago.  He said that the month is soon up, and that he has spoke with his associates so would like to arrange for the meeting that all agreed upon.  I can arrange for an area that I can assure will be safe and confidential.  For this arrangement, please enter through the back entrance to the Underground, @ 8 PM this friday night.  Your meeting room will be arranged.  I am sure that I do not need to remind all of you of the arrangement of our place, but I would be very unhappy, should the rules be violated, especially the main one.



Hi Everyone,

The next CoD-X game will be on March 22nd @ 8 PM. Game will be a the Chateau de Corg (Iria and Kevin’s Place).  I hope to see you all here.

There will be a raffle, with all money going towards our domain funds.  I will be raffling +1 downtime action for the month, a +2 bonus for a non-PVP challenge, as well as 3-points of willpower refresh (not usuable in combat)

Kevin Hislop

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