Game Announcement! Game: 03/21/19 @ 8pm Discord!


When: 21st March 2019
Time: 7pm sign in / 8pm start (MT time)
Where: Discord –

Proxy deadline is the 20th March. Anything submitted after this date may not be seen on time or processed.

Downtimes are due 16th March! Link to the google form is here:

Please also make sure your sheets on the database are up to date!

If you know someone who is not on the group or within discord already please pass this message on.

Hope you enjoy the teaser below and I hope to see you all at the game!

IC Teaser:

(Below is from the Unity Station Broadcast Service. A soft calming female voice relays the following statements.)

“Good Evening all you wonderful listeners out there this is your Unity Station Broadcast bringing you the latest and hottest news around.”

“Sikorski-Guo Group is reporting a rise in mining production. Numbers have risen an impressive 2% within the last few cycles. They are estimating a large profit from this new drive of production for the next quarter. The recruitment drive is still in full force and it is as easy as a thumb scan to sign up. No criminal record checks. No data scans. Full employment with benefits can be yours within five minutes.”

“Death’s Kiss! The newest! hottest! Drug to come out of the core! Yes, that is right, the luxury drug has arrived upon Unity. It is the hottest must have this upcoming party season. It is rumored the manufacturers have adapted the formula to give more meaningful experience.”

“Omni-Sun Corp has released a statement following the news of an exploding Wolf on the plaza a few day cycles back. This is the following statement from one of their representatives.”

A males voice from pre-recording plays:

‘Omni-Sun Corp would like to put the public at ease. Following an investigation, it has been discovered that the individual was suffering from a malfunctioning plugin which resulted in his unfortunate death.’

“Remember folks if you don’t trust your surgeon, don’t get the plugin. Moving on it seems the famous actor, Jasper McCoy’s son has been assaulted in one of the maintenance tunnels., here is what he had to say on the situation.”

The famous smooth vocals of the actor play the following:

“My son was a victim of an unprovoked attack on the station. He was dragged into one of the maintenance tunnels and had his possessions taken. We are thankful he was not injured but whoever did this, they will be found and prosecuted. Thank you.”

“We do hope he has a speedy recovery. Last but not least Unity would like to welcome our newest Head of Security, Captain Ehroth the Red. A Scavenger Captain who has taken up the title and will be sure to keep Major Richards on a leash. Yes, Major, I know you are listening. Speaking of Scavengers, our newest neighbors seem to be making themselves at home on Yanzao. They have not opened fire and have offered an open negotiation with the council upon the station. Hopefully, the new council, when elected, will announce the terms for this future alliance. After all here in Xiva-Tau Nebula, all we want is our FREEDOM and peace.

That is all for tonight’s broadcast. Tune in next time for the latest news and hottest gossip.

Stay safe out there.

This is Unity Broadcast Service logging off.”

Kate Wadey

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