The Dark Redemption (aka. DMH Sabbat) March OOC Game Announcement


All Downtime Responses will be processed within the next couple of hours, and the IC Announcement / News & Rumors update will come out on Wednesday.

Date / Times:

Saturday 2019-03-09

Check-in : 7 pm
Game Start : 8 pm
Game End : 12 am

OOC Location:
Casa de Himebaugh
1804 E Toledo St
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Please park on side streets, as we do not wish to overwhelm their neighbors.

Also, there are cats, lovely, lovely cats, so please take all relevant allergy related precautions.

FGoTM Raffle!:

In order to assist in funding our 2020 DMH Featured Game of the Month next January, the following items shall be raffled off at our next game, 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5:

1) A Bonus Downtime Action for February
2) A single General or Sabbat specific status other than Triumphant.
3) A 3 Blood Refresh at game, cannot be used in CvC, requires a Simple Action, cannot take you over cap.
4) One free WP retest at game, cannot be used in CvC.

NOTE: Each PC can only win one item.

Bryan Lee Briggs
DMH Sabbat VST

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