The Dark Redemption (aka. DMH Sabbat) February Game Announcement

IC Teaser:
No news is good news? The necromantic ghouls appear to have relocated and the recent concert (and related events) were covered up? …

OOC Notes:
All Downtime Responses have been finalized (If you lost the link to your personal Downtime Response Document, email me off list and I will give it to you again.) and the IC News / Rumors have been updated, please see the relevant page on the wiki:

Date / Times:

Saturday 2019-02-09

Check-in : 7 pm
Game Start : 8 pm
Game End : 12 am

OOC Location:

Don Cassano Community Room
200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd Floor
Tempe, AZ 85281

◾There is a public parking garage across the street (which is free on Sat/Sun – first come, first served).

◾The location is also DIRECTLY on both the Light Rail and Bus stop routes. (Seriously… the platforms are right there)

◾Best bet will be to carpool – drop off passengers out front, and then park across the street, or park in one of the free lots and hop the light rail (then beg a ride back to your car after game). There is also quite a bit of paid parking around, if you’re willing to walk a block or so.

◾It is less than a block from Tempe Mission Palms, and a walking block from Mill Ave and everything going on there. (Mad Hatter Brew Pub is across the street)

◾There is City security on site, and the Police Station is next door, so we should not have to worry too much about incidents after dark.

◾We are permitted food and drink but are responsible for all messes we create (no crock pots, no sternos, no buffets, no fire, NO BOOZE. Water/Soda are good. Sandwiches, veggie trays etc. are fine)

◾The room is upstairs, accessible by elevator. Public washrooms are downstairs, maintained by the city and should be open for our rental time.

◾We will also have access to the upstairs outdoor foyer and associated stairwells. They are monitored by cameras, so be aware.

◾No smoking in stairwells or breezeways. All smoking (including Vapes) must be 50 feet away from the building as per city ordinance.

FGoTM Raffle!:
In order to assist in funding our 2020 DMH Featured Game of the Month next January, the following items shall be raffled off at our next game, 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5:

1) A Bonus Downtime Action for February
2) A single General or Sabbat specific status other than Triumphant.
3) A 3 Blood Refresh at game, cannot be used in CvC, requires a Simple Action, cannot take you over cap.
4) One free WP retest at game, cannot be used in CvC.

NOTE: Each PC can only win one item.

Bryan Lee Briggs
DMH Sabbat VST

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