FGoTM 2019 – that’s a wrap

FGoTM 2019 is over, and we have successfully wrapped a great event.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who came out to play with us, and everyone who helped put this event together. Without you all, there would never be a FGoTM (and certainly not one of this caliber).

· We had a record attendance of 97 this year!
· We had a record charity of over $2300!
· We hosted folks from several States, and Regions, as well as Canada!

There were some struggles – the hotel being under renovation during the event was a challenge, to be certain; but I would like to thank everyone for being willing to roll with things and adapt.

We are awesome that way.

Our budget was $3028.00
We spent $ 2935.61
** we came in under budget**

We estimated an income of $3150.00
We raised $4789.50 (monthly fund raisers + event registrations + donations)

We had members donate 6 registrations so other members could attend the event.

This was (overall) our most successful FGoTM yet…and I want to thank ALL OF YOU for making that happen.

During the last month of prep for 2019 FGoTM, we were also scouting for locations, and reviewing bids for FGoTM 2020. Yes… there is no rest for the wicked, and apparently your Staffers have been very bad (and exhausted) people. 🙂 <3

Look for the announcement on the dates and location soon! (HINT: we might be hosting a C/A/I game there over the Summer)

Rest up… until next year!

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

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