DMH Garou Announcement 2/2/2019

“It isn’t necessary to for us to kill our enemies, it is paramount only to make them suffer, make them question, bring them to the depths of a hell they could only imagine in the most twisted of nightmares. They may leave this place, but they will never be free of the stain. They thought they were fighting for a much larger cause, we fought only for their souls, and we have won.”

The hue and cry is over, an eerie silence now rests upon the tainted land to the North. The Gaians fought with valiant effort, they fought with the hearts of warriors. Yet now, as they return home, they find themselves hollow. Choices and sacrifices were made, guilt rides in the eyes of some, anger in the eyes of others, still more carry a deep sorrow that threatens the very soul of these Garou. This, this is the cost of victory in the Apocalypse.

Rudderless, as the Sept Leader does not return home with them. A new one was named, but barely spoken above the clamor and cries. There is much to be rebuilt, much to be screamed out into the brisk air. The Garou gather now, to save those who can be saved, and to deal with those who cannot be.

Come join us for DMH Garou this weekend 2/2/2019

The Where: North Ramada at Papago Park in Tempe, AZ

Here is the map of the Park

The When:
11:30am check-in
12:00pm game on
4:00pm game end
4:00pm -5:00pm soft rp

These Ramada’s do have Grills and I encourage folks to bring food or other items to the site if they so wish. If we wish to make a bigger pot luck, please let us know sooner rather than later.

I will try and arrive at 11:00am if not earlier if players have questions or other things they would like to work out with me.

See everyone there!

Michael Day
DMH Apocalypse VST

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