*NEW* NC Policy: FGotM Prestige Award Guide

National Coordinator Policy:

Regional Feature Game of the Month Prestige

Total Prestige Cap that may be awarded for a FGotM is 100R.

All Prestige that is awarded at a Regional Game of the month will be Regional Prestige, and awarded by the Regional Coordinators.

VIP awards for FGotM are not changed and should follow the current policy on position, attendance and volunteering.

The prestige for FGotM will be awarded with in the regular categories of Administration, Non-Admin Social and Non-Admin Storyteller Support; not in the Event category. (Please see below the per month caps for each of those categories)

Administration (Up to 80 per month)

  • Serving as a primary storyteller or assistant (Up to 50 prestige per position)
  • Serving as a primary coordinator or assistant (Up to 50 prestige per position)

Non-Administrative Game Support (Up to 50 per month, but no single bullet point can yield more than 30 prestige per month)

Social/Non-Game Support (Up to 50 per month, but no single bullet point can yield more than 30 prestige per month)

Here some are examples of how to award this prestige:

Game of the month is on the 2/1/2019 & 2/2/2019

02/01/2019 Game cleanup x2 : Game cleanup is worth 5R each. So a total of 10R for 2 games – Non-Admin Game Support

02/01/2019 NPC 7 hours: Category cap is 30, so only 30R can be awarded – Non-Admin Game Support

02/01/2019 Donated 8/12pks soda,19 bags chips (cash value $30): 10R Social/Non-Game Support

In this example on day one of the event the above member earned:

10R Social/Non-Game Support

40R Non-Admin Game Support

The member can still earn up to an additional 50R prestige on day 2 of the FGotM event, as not to exceed line item or category caps.

Members can still earn General Prestige for other activities performed in service to the domain; however total prestige earned for the month is still subject to the above line item and category caps.

Examples of things you can do at a FGotM to earn prestige:

Non-Admin Game Support are things that you do for the game. NPC Shifts, IC Check-In, Site Clean-up

Social/Non Game supports are things that you do outside the game that support the domains event. For example, Food or Drink Donation, OOC Check-In, Donation of other materials or props.

Implemented 1/1/2019

At the discretion of Regional Coordinators they may choose to award (backdate) FGotM prestige for events in 2018 from June 2018 forward if prior award for those events did not meet or exceed the guidelines with in this policy.

Kay Stavis

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