RC Q&A Ends Jan 22, 2019

There was one candidate.

Nathan Wetzel

Below is his resume. The Q&A period will be one week since this is an incumbent re-running unopposed.

Q&A will end on Jan 22, 2019 at 11:59:59 PST.

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Nathan Wetzel

Contact Information:

Intro: Good afternoon. My name is Nathan Wetzel and I am reapplying to continue in a second term as the RC of the Southwest Region. I am a fully-paid member through May of 2020. I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to continuing to serve the Southwest’s membership.

Objective: Make continuing improvements in the health of the Region. Increase member trust in the Coordinator chain, revitalize lagging domains, and establish more easy, repeatable processes for common tasks.

Plan of Action: My first tenure as RC showed me clearly how hard it was for members to trust in the Coordinator chain. Members had little faith in our ability to respond in reasonable time, our determination to fairly hold our members accountable for their actions, and our willingness to deal with sensitive issues with careful consideration. Members also were unaware of what resources they had, finding the club’s bureaucracy labyrinthine and dangerous. I’ve worked hard on all these points, meeting with varying success, and the main priority of a new term would be to continue and expand on these efforts.

Regarding on-time response and reporting, I’d be working even more closely with my aRC staff to make sure that periodic checkins happened and the work continues to advance. Regarding member education, I will continue to make myself and my staff as publicly available as possible, including regular well-advertised office hours, so we can answer member questions; also, finalizing and publishing a New Members or Member Refresh packet with crucial information will be a priority.

Regarding arbitration and investigation, I believe it’s extremely important to keep this process highly accountable, and will continue along these lines with hiring an aRC Arbitration who can help me pursue member issues promptly and fairly; some of my major issues this term were an influx of real life causing investigations or moderation to lag.

Finally, regarding member issues and sensitivity, our club is rapidly changing the face of how we treat and care for our members. The Coordinator chain has made great strides in the past two years, and with the advent of safe play mechanics from the ST side, the MES is embracing a culture of safety more than it ever has. This does make for a lot more work, as old bad habits get shaken loose and changed, and it’s crucial that both officer chains are aligned in this. So I’ll be sitting down at least quarterly with each of the Region’s Domain Coordinators, the RST’s Staff, and the NC. Each meeting will address any issues with that officer and offer support to make sure we’re all working in the same direction; a happier and safer MES that’s going to flourish in the next few years.


MES Coordinator:

  • CC of the False Reflections Chapter, June 2011 through December 2014
  • Proctor for ARC Elections; 12 elections from May 2011 through February 2014
  • ADC Mediation, Unconquered Sun; April 2015 through Jan 2017
  • Southwest Regional Coordinator – Feb 2017 through present


  • aVST Apocalypse – Rules and Stories, UnSun Apoc; May 2014 through Mar 2017
  • aVST Apocalypse – Myst Apoc; Sep 2017 through present

MES Misc:

  • Strong record of convention support, both NPCing and supporting Charities, at both the Regional and National levels. Multiple SWREs, SCRE, SERE, several National events.
  • Multiple contributions to National documents and processes

Outside the MES:
In my professional life I’ve filled a number of relevant roles for over a decade, with three different international companies; Cryptic Studios, Palantir Technologies, and Addepar . I’ve overseen staffing, project management, regulatory compliance, and both internal and external communications.

I’ve also held a clearance with the US Government, which means I work regularly with sensitive data, to date without a single error in handling or confidentiality.

Disciplinary Actions:
I have never received a Disciplinary Action during my time in the club. For full disclosure, I’ve received a single Letter of Counseling, for improperly following a procedure during my time in the RC’s office; I learned from it and the issue has not recurred.

Craig French, ANC Admin

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