MES Scholarship – 2019

In 2013 we created the MES Scholarship to continue our goal of investing in our community. Through our philanthropic efforts, we invest in our local, regional, and national communities helping those in need. Our scholarship is our way of investing back into our specific community and assisting members of the organization as they make their own personal journeys.

This year we fell down on that commitment. In the past year a lapse in communication caused the 2018 scholarship awards to not move forward as scheduled.

We realize this scholarship is important to our membership, and the students who could stand to benefit from it.

We sincerely apologize to those members we have let down.

To make amends for this lapse, we have asked the foundation to award all of the qualifying applicants the full scholarship award for the 2018 Spring semester (normally it is split into two payments). Additionally we will be expanding the number of awards for the current cycle up to four depending on the number of qualifying applicants.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we are working with Risa Stanley, who helped establish the scholarship to examine our process and improve upon it. Risa did amazing work with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to mitigate this problem. We are deeply grateful for her work and support.

Risa will have more information as things progress forward, but we felt this was something that needed to be said by us.

She can be contacted about the scholarship at either or

That being said, the application period for the scholarship is open. This scholarship is eligible to all MES members in good standing, and those who are interested should do the following:

1 – Member applies at on this page (you will need to create a login to apply if you do not already have one).

2 – The MES Board of Directors examines the funds available, as well as the number of applicants, and advises our the foundation as to how many awards we can offer.

3 – Then we work directly with our third-party administrator, who chooses the top applicants, and arranges for payments to the educational institution of the applicant’s choice in the spring and fall.

4 – In order to qualify, the applicants’ school of choice must be a state or NPO-based school. For-profit institutions are not eligible for this program.

Students wishing to apply must meet the criteria listed here


Martin Chamberlain

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