FGotM VIP/Craft/Potluck Social

Hello DMHers!

We’re going to be getting together this Saturday to build our VIP packages, do some crafty bits, and share some food. It’s a FGOTM/Craft/Potluck! 🙂

Come on out, help us put the VIP packets together, hangout with people, nom on some food and maybe even earn prestige!

Kevin and Iria asked that someone bring some paper plates and plastic utensils for the food!

If someone wants to make a signup sheet for food, that’d be amazingly appreciated!

Site will open at 12pm.

The Hislop House (aka House of Corgis!)
536 W. Madero Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210

House Rules:
1. Here there be corgis! While they are often full of love and want to know everyone, they are often underfoot. Please be careful where you step.
– If you are allergic, please take the appropriate precautions.
– If you have a particular discomfort with dogs, please contact us before hand so the corgis can be kenneled.
2. The black corgi likes to take himself for a walk, so please limit how often you are in and out of the front door.
3. If a door has a sign on it, please do not go in that room.
4. Please do not hang out in front of the house.

Thank you!

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