Featured Games of the Month

Good afternoon, Southwest.

The club is trying to put its Featured Game schedule in a little better order, and make sure we’re boosting the signal on your Games as much as possible.

To that end, I’m broadcasting our current FGotM schedule out widely, and asking all of you Southwest folks two things.

First, if your domain does not yet have a Featured Game slot and you would like one, get your DC to reach out to me ASAP! My policy remains first-come, first-served as far as FG scheduling, and there are several spots open in the next year.

Second, if your domain currently has a scheduled month, and you ALSO know the dates or approximate dates of your Featured Game, please reach out to me with those dates. That way we can put them on the National and Regional calendars, and boost your signal!

So, the full schedule as it stands now:

January 18-19 : Phoenix – Dead Man’s Hand


March: Orange County – Black Magic Kingdom

April: San Diego

May: Reno – Songs of the Sand



August: Hawaii – Hawaii Five-Oh!

September: San Francisco – Myst

October: San Bernardino – Last Refuge

November: Los Angeles


As ever, if you feel something is in error, please also feel free to reach out and we’ll see it taken care of. Happy gaming, and be good to one another!

Nathan Wetzel

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