Charities! First Quarter 2019 – Packages From Home

Hello DMH!

For the first quarter of this year we are going to focus on deployed military personnel. The military of the US is a big part of the lives of many of our members, some of whom are active duty, veterans, or family members of either.

This quarter, from now until the end of March 2019, we are going to be supporting Packages From Home.

Packages from Home helps gather together food, hygiene and entertainment type items and ships them to deployed soldiers (and working K9 dogs!).

There are two main ways to donate to this charity:


Please refer to this wish list for acceptable items.

You are welcome to build up a collection and then bring them to me in bulk, but we will also have donation boxes at each of our games and at the Featured Game that you can bring your items to. Please make sure that if you bring donations to a drop box that you record your donation with Me, Charmain, or the DC office representative so that you can receive your prestige.

Monetary Donations:

You can donate straight money if you like!

Please ensure that you forward your receipt to me so that your donation can be recorded.


Packages from Home has a few ways to volunteer time with them, however, for this quarter we will accept any volunteering of time so long as it helps Active Duty Military or Veterans. This can be volunteering at a veteran focused 5k (there’s one scheduled for march!), volunteering for Vets helping Vets, and any other number of organizations or events. Just make sure you send your hours, along with who you volunteered for to me once you completed the hours!

Prestige Guidelines:

As found on page 34 of the MH, prestige award guidelines are as follows for this event:

You may only earn a maximum of 30 prestige this drive, but can earn it through a combined total of all three methods of participation or through just one.

  1. For each hour of work involved in the prestige-worthy non-philanthropic activity, 5 prestige points should be awarded. For philanthropic work, the rate is 10 prestige points per hour. No single bullet point above may earn more than 30 prestige points per month unless specified in this document.
  2. For each $2 worth of items or money donated to a local sanctioned philanthropy (i.e. to a philanthropic event), 1 general prestige point is be awarded. For regionally sanctioned philanthropies, the rate is $3 per 1 prestige points. For nationally sanctioned philanthropies, the rate is $5 per 1 prestige points. For drives specifically funding the MES Scholarship Program, as designated by the NPA, the rate is $3 per 1 prestige point. An item’s worth is determined by receipt or with coordinator judgment. All donations are awarded and recorded under the same bullet point. Donation of alcohol is not eligible for prestige.

VIP Awards:

Volunteer time allows for earning VIP! You can earn 1 point of VIP per every four hours volunteered for this drive up to a maximum of 5 points per month!

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