All Call for South West Regional Coordinator

Hello South West Region!

My name is Kay Stavis, and I am your National Coordinator. I would like to start by thanking Nathan Wetzel for his service as your RC, but his 2 year term as Regional Coordinator ends in February 2019, so an election must be held. I will be the Election Officer (EO) for this Regional Coordinator Election. Please forward this announcement to appropriate domain lists.

This announcement is the All Call for the Position of Regional Coordinator for the South West Region. This all-call is open from now until 1/14/2019 at 11:59:59 pm PST.

All interested parties should read through the following, and submit an application including all of the information required below:


Identification: Name, Membership Number

Contact Information: Email, Phone Number (May be redacted when distributed to the electorate.)

Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals will be during your term of office.

Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend toaccomplish the goals stated in your objective.

Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as well as any relevant Non-Club Experience. Applicants must describe how they meet the minimum criteria for the position as noted below and in the Membership Handbook.

Disciplinary Actions: Please see the Full Disclosure Policy in the Disciplinary Action Section of the Membership Handbook for more information.

A statement asserting that the applicant is a paid member of MES

Applications must be sent to all of the following by no later than 11:59:59 pm PST on January 14th, 2019. The email subject should be “South West RC Application – ”

Election Officer: Kay Stavis –

Proctor: Deb Clark –

Proctor: Craig French –

While these deadlines may be extended to deal with any issues that arise or problems that come up, the projected timeline for the election is:


Two week for the Application Period

One week Question Period

One week Answer Period

Two week for the Voting Period

Important Note: In order to be considered for the South West Region position, applicants must meet the following qualifications:


Completed Membership and Coordinator Standards, or a stated intention to complete within thirty days.

Membership in the club for the previous calendar year.

Valid current membership in the South West Region.

Demonstrated experience in a coordinator or assistant coordinator role for one year.

A list of General Coordinator Responsibilities can be found on page 33 of the MES Membership Handbook. Specific Additional Responsibilities for a Regional Coordinator are:


Specific authority – May award up to MC 11 after prestige review and deliver disciplinary actions up to a severe offense after conducting an investigation.

Required responsibilities – Track active independent regional members and their expirations, file a monthly regional report in the format determined by the NC, conduct prestige reviews for members seeking MC 9 and above, award prestige to DSTs & DCs, respond to any open investigations at their level, oversee regional philanthropic opportunities, and organize at least one regionally sanctioned event during each month.

MC Loan upon being elected MC +3 up to MC 13.

Term – 2 years; maximum of two consecutive terms.

For additional information on the elections process, I encourage you to look into Chapter Seven of the membership Handbook found at MES Handbook

Kay Stavis

Sent by, on behalf of the National Coordinator
Craig French
US ANC Admin

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