Housekeeping – Prop Weapons in game space (local games and FGoTM)

Good morning all

Just a quick reminder – the Membership Handbook says the following on weapons props:

• Non-consensual physical contact is strictly prohibited. Weapons, overly realistic weapons props, stunting, consumption of blood, or any other activities a MES officer or the Board of Directors deems possible to cause physical harm or discomfort are prohibited. The presiding Coordinator at MES events has the discretion and authority to prohibit such activities or items

Per discussion with the RC – this policy is in effect at ALL local games and FGoTM.

While the org DOES have a props policy for conventions, we have NOT asked for permission to use that at our FGoTM… nor will I be asking for it.

We all love our accessories. Sometimes we pay hefty amounts of money for them. HOWEVER (and this interp comes from the RC) –

  • If your prop weapon can be mistaken for real, in a dark alley, by a cop – YOU MAY NOT HAVE IT IN GAME SPACE.
  • •If your accessory is real – YOU MAY NOT HAVE IT IN GAME SPACE.

Wear your scabbard – leave the prop blade at home.

Wear your holster – leave the prop gun at home

Do not wear real weapons into game space at all

Players wearing questionable props will be asked to remove them and place them in the OOC area, or take them to their vehicle, or (if at FGoTM) their rooms. Players refusing to do so, will be asked to leave.

Thanks for your understanding and assistance in helping to create a safe play space for our members.

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

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