Reminder: Lores and knowing things (Masquerade)

As a reminder to everyone, in our Masquerade venues Lore Specializations are very important. Characters may only know things about their own innate nature (own creature type, clan, sect/faction), or the specific areas they have a Lore Specialization for.

Your character may not choose to simply believe something an ally tells him which you know OOC to be correct information. Until and unless your character purchases the correct Lore Specialization, your character must remain doubtful. Otherwise you are effectively trying to claim the benefits of a mechanic not on your character’s sheet.

When as a player you OOCly know the correct answer, the burden of proof falls on you, to avoid metagaming. So unless you have the correct mechanics on your character’s sheet, you as a player have a responsibility to actively portray the character as not having the knowledge in question. This also includes being careful as a player to not jump your characters to correct conclusions of which you have OOC knowledge, such as “oh, then the problem is mages” or “That’s a Pentex subsidiary”, without a clear chain of IC information, as well as avoiding things such as using words that coincidentally are also key game terms in the context.

Please make sure you review the Lore Document, and note the rules for recognizing rare disciplines, as well as knowing clan/bloodline origins or special powers and weaknesses. Without the Lore Specialization in the correct Clan/Bloodline, (or your character already possessing the specific level of rare discipline observed,) your character could not identify such powers or know of such things. Characters without a pertinent Lore Specialization may not even attempt the challenge to know about a subject, let alone simply know of it.

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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