Night Game(s) – Game time(s) 2019

IF it becomes necessary to change schedules for night games (based on game site availability) we need to know what the parameters are for game times that you would prefer.

Please fill this out and return it, so we can try and work with this information going forward.

The times that we would like to run game may not always coincide with when we have access to game sites.

Example: public parks often close at 10:30pm or 11pm & some classroom rentals need the area empty by 10pm, etc. Changes to schedules may be temporarily necessary for June – Dec 2019 (as we are losing access to the Don Cassano Room).

To begin discussion on this now (rather than in May), information is needed from the Domain on scheduling for night games. Please provide input so we can try and tailor decisions to the needs/desires of the Domain Members.

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