GAME SITE SURVEY — Community Room: The Mercado – Guadalupe

Seeking feedback from the Domain on this location for possible game site.

2536 sq. ft., has two bathrooms, sink and counter space
9201 S Avenida del Yaqui, Guadalupe, AZ 85283

  • Rental for this location is $30 per hour (appox $150 per game)
  • Parking is Free and within easy walking distance
  • We will be responsible for set up/teardown and cleanup (including trash)
  • We must be OFF SITE (trash packed, lights out, in the parking lot) by 11pm

Pictures here:

Rental details:

5G prestige for offering feedback on this location

Right now, we are looking for locations for both the Garou and Cam/Anarch game(s) as they will need locations beginning in June. I can find equal or less expensive locations for day games. Night games are VERY HARD to find locations that are less than $400 a night.

Additional Clarifications:

  • Parking is approximately the same distance (or closer) than the garage is for Don Cassano
  • Cost is $150 for 5 hours rental. This is less than many other locations we have been able to find over the years.
  • This is primarily for consideration for NIGHT GAMES. DAY GAMES can find less expensive locations at the community centers in Tempe, or public libraries in Phx. We already have a list of those.
  • No, we cannot extend the hours for this location. They are established by the Township of Guadalupe.

Please fill out the survey and let us know your thoughts.

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