Housekeeping: email, content and you (longish – please read)

Good morning folks,

So, a couple of reminders on this brisk Tuesday morning –

  1. Please be sure to tag OOC posts as OOC, if you are posting on a shared IC/OCC list. This helps ensure that content is not confused with where it belongs. (It also makes it easier to search if anyone has to find a post)
  2. It’s been a while since the Domain has had a robust officer core able to help on the lists when needed. We have a solid ST/AVST staff and an extensive DC/aDC Staff. I would ask that should there be concerns about content on the lists, you email myself, and/or the aDC Social Media (Bryan Himebaugh). It’s our job to make certain content is managed on our lists. ONE of us is online almost all of the time, if you have concerns, drop us a note, we can take a look at things and take it from there if needed. If you can’t find us, hit up one of the officers, that’s what we are here for. 
  3. Content – I know I shared the MES policies on email content right after I was elected. For those who may have mislaid them – they can be found here: Email is a tricky thing. It lacks the ability to convey emotion and intent (without careful attention being given to it). Human minds are also tricky things when it comes to communication. When we read email (or any written communication), we read it in a voice that we have “assigned” to the person who sent that message. That “voice” may not always be right. We may assign intent where there was none. It happens. It’s human.
  • When you read a message FROM someone… take a minute…step back…read it in as neutral a way as possible. Try not to assign intent.
  • When you write a message TO someone … re-read it two or three times. Can it be misunderstood? If yes, take the time to re-write for clarity.
  • Are you experiencing intense emotions when you are writing a reply? Step away from the keyboard and clear your mind. Get a cigarette or a cup of coffee, go kill something on a video game, go outside and look at the stars… then come back to your keyboard and review your responses before you hit send.

We are all part of an awesome community filled with people who are here to explore amazing elements of fantastic worlds. We are here to share in that experience with one another. Sometimes miscommunications happen. So long as we remember to handle our communications with each other with civility, responsibility, respect and honesty (in equal parts) we can overcome any barrier or conflict.

I have faith in us.

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

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