Camarilla/Anarch Game Announcement – 12/22/18

Sending out this OOC Game announcement regarding the location and the raffle items. Game will be run by the amazing AVST, Aaron Hanten!

Items up for Raffle:

  • 3 Blood refresh (not over cap)
  • 1 Free WP Retest
  • 1 DT Action (Your were extra efficient this month)
  • Fleeting Status x2
  • Open for boons that people wish to put up for Raffle

This is just an entirely OOC for this game announcement, An IC announcement will be out soon:

Game Date/Time:
Date: Saturday 12/22/2018
Begins: 7p
Announcements: 7:45p
Game Begins: 8p
Game Ends: 12a (midnight)

OOC Location:
Don Cassano Community Room (Click link for Site Rules)
200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd Floor
Tempe, AZ 85281

What to Bring:

  • Snacks are always welcomed, as are drinks (see the notes above).
  • Bring your character sheet, printed or electronic (you don’t need your XP log) – also please include your Approval Numbers with your character sheet.


  • All characters portrayed by our experienced Domain members MUST be submitted and on the Approvals Database. New players to our Domain and game have some leeway, but should speak with the VST.
  • Visitors are strongly encouraged to give the VST 24 hours of notice that they are bringing their characters into our Venue. Regardless, they are required to provide all approval numbers to the VST for verification.

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