ANC Charities Staff All Call


I am super excited to take up the aNC Charities baton again! I will be posting our first drive shortly and let me just warn you, it is a bit different from the other drives we have done.

My goal in this office is focused on making engagement in our community more accessible a lot more fun. Along with the standard drives, we will be mixing it up with opportunities to engage in our community in a variety of unique ways.

In order to accomplish all the things I need a few people who would like to kick over some rocks, ask questions, and take part in this grand experiment with me.

Seeking The Brains to My Pinky:

  • Chief of Staff / Herder of the Do-Gooders/ Project Manager Extraordinaire: This office will be trying some new things and with new things comes all kinds projects to manage. You probably love to organize closets and make sure everyone is on track.
  • Data Comrade: There are several projects that live in my head that will require an eye to detail. I am looking for someone to help give these projects life. There will be a lot of report reading, some prestige recording, maybe even a little research, should that be your jam.
  • Special Projects Guru: All other duties as assigned. You should like to make lists. You and Google search should at least be on friendly terms.

I am looking for folks:

  • Who want to work to build community, both within and outside of MES
  • Attentive to their inbox and remember to actually hit send on their emails (ß personal struggle)
  • Seriously love to think outside the box
  • Have a strong love for Google Docs
  • Like giving high 5’s
  • Have a favorite charity organization
  • Have a desire to make people smile

To apply for the team send me an email that has the following info:

  • Any background info that you think I should know. (Did you raise 6mil for puppies who needed wheelchairs? Seriously, if you did I will send you cookies.)
  • A brief statement on why you want to join this team. Please make it more than needing National Prestige, though that is also acceptable
  • Communication preference (Facebook Messenger, a Google thing… or whatever the kids are using these days)
  • Lastly, if you could high 5 anyone who would it be

Bonus points:

  • If you could learn anything in the NPO world, tell me what it would be.
  • An idea for an out of the box, this has never been done in MES (or has and you loved it), charity drive.

You would make my week if you could send your love and application to me by 12/28/2018.


Risa S.
anc charities

ps – I’m serious about the sending cookies to those who help puppies get wheelchairs

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