*Please Read* Game Site Issues 2019

Good Morning,

I had wanted to begin this discussion last Monday, but the VSS discussion was underway and I did not wish things to become muddied while that conversation was being had.

TLDR:  We are losing the Don Cassano Room June-Dec 2019 – Tempe City Council needs it while Council Chambers are being renovated. Also Pete and Holly are not certain if they will be able to host Apoc past May/June. We have to find a new Game Site for C/A and possibly Apoc for June-Dec 2019.  I need your help to make that happen.


Tempe City Council contacted me to let me know that the Don Cassano Room would no longer be available for rent beginning June 2019.  The Council Chambers are being renovated and Council needs the room for Council things.  City infrastructure beats gaming needs. 🙂

Pete and Holly’s lease on their home is up around the same time and they cannot commit to being able to host game(s) until they know what things look like in the future. 

What this means –  

  • Cod-X and Sabbat have solid game locations at this time, they will be fine.
  • We will figure something out for Space when it happens

The DC Staff has already begun combing the Valley (again) to look for locations for game(s).  As we have been down this road before (many times, over the past 15+ years) we already know what our obstacles are – that being…. there is nothing affordable in this Valley on the weekends, after dark.

The BEST rate that we have been able to get a commitment on (at this time) is from the Mezona in Mesa at $250.00 for the whole day.  (I have a message in with Sales to see if they will give us a cheaper rate if we only need it for the evening).  Finding affordable library/community rooms for Apoc during the day *can* be done… but not during the night (same challenges Masq faces).

— I can see some of our math wizards doing calculations in their heads now. —

Jun- Dec =  7 monthsReduced by 1 month because MesCon is on C/A/I weekend$250 a day250 * 6==$1500.00 in game site rentals JUST for one game of Masq

I am not comfortable making a blanket decision for the Domain where this sort of money is concerned.  We need to talk about this, discuss options, and come up with alternatives.

1-2-3- Go.

–Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

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