Cam/Anarch – RESULTS: Change VSS to Contested or Jointly-Controlled City

40 Responses:

For it: 20 (50%)

Neutral: 3 (7.5%)

Opposed: 17 (42.5%)

I was messaging with Chris A. the ANST Masq and he was in agreement that our game should be able to support it. He also gave me insight in how to write it so it is something that happens in game and no players can request it just happen because we have the approval, it must be obtained IC. There will be no hand waving this into place.
The VSS is a living document and should be updated as the process moves along. Now, this whole process of getting the VSS ready and approved may take months. So, next step is to write up the new VSS that I will put up for approval after show it to the domain for you all to look over.  

I still plan on keeping the game we have monthly, Camarilla focused, because that is the majority of characters and how we started this Chronicle. I don’t see a reason to change that. I will work with the DC to plan a second game and once this is all approved, we will have, from time to time, a game that will focus on the other factions.

Thanks again for all you insights and comments. I was excited to see the involvement, passion and care for this hobby we all share.


Chris ‘Peanuht’ White
DMH VST Camarilla
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