Garou – Game announcement for 12/8/18

IC Announcement
How do we fight wars where the enemies obfuscate themselves from perception? When our foes masquerade as friends and allies…when everything that you should fight is no longer your greatest threat. How do you combat these things without turning on one another?
A fog has settled over the Sept of Warriors Wisdom and it dulls the senses of those who call it home. Can they pierce it enough to find a path forward?
OoC Announcement
Saturday, December 8th 2018
Check-In: 7:00 pm
Game Start: 8:00 pm
Game End: 11:45 pm
Shout outs and discussion: 11:45-12:00
5161 S Cotton Dr, Chandler, AZ 85248  There are two small dogs at this location. If you have allergies, take appropriate steps
FGoTM Raffle!
In order to assist in funding our 2019 DMH Featured Game of the Month in January, the following items shall be raffled off at our next game, 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5:
1) A Bonus Downtime Action for use in the next DT Cycle!
3) 1 Fleeting Glory Renown! x2
4) 1 Fleeting Wisdom Renown! x2
5) 1 Fleeting Honor Renown! x2
6) One free WP retest at game, can be used in combat, cannot be used in CvC


Michael Day
DMH Apocalypse VST

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