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We are attempting a new format for education in the MES.  In the past, we
wrote guides that were based on our ideas of what was needed.  Those
efforts produced a great library of resources, and we are very grateful for
the work that went into them.  However, in an effort to better serve the
members, we’re going to change the format to a weekly question that will be
answered in video guide segment, supplemented by an instructional document
to reinforce the ideas and instruction presented in the video guide.

Members can send in questions to or
comment in our weekly web videos with their questions.  Our team will
select a question that applies to a broad membership group, and then do our
best to answer and explain that question.

We need your involvement for this to work.  If your question is selected,
you may be asked to be involved with our team for the week, and you’ll be
rewarded 5-10 N prestige for your time.

Please submit questions to ( with the
subject “MES Question”.  You may also comment on this post on Facebook.

Thank you,

Angela Rexwinkle

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