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I wanted to take a moment and gauge some interest in a charity event.  We are still running the last charities that Daniel put out, and if you want to support an Angel tree you are welcome to do so, we will accept donations angel trees sponsored by any group.


What Charmain and I really wanted to do was get the domain together to actually do something charitable as a group.  To that end I’ve found a couple of possibilities.  These items will go to help either valley children in need or men and women/families, in need.  All of these would be donated, once finished, to a local charity who would then handle the business of handing them out.


If you fill out the form and include your Name and MES number then I’ll be able to recommend you for 5G prestige for the month of December!


Form: Charity Events



Erin Miracle

DMH aDC Charities


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