Prestige! – What on earth is this thing I keep hearing about?

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So, to keep in line with continuing to educate our members (established and new) I wanted to touch briefly on Prestige.


Many of you may have heard this term bandied about and have no idea what it means. Well, let’s talk about that.


From our main MES page :


The Mind’s Eye Society has an incentive based system that rewards members for participation in community service type events, such as charities, as well as volunteerism within the organization, which ultimately helps to perpetuate the club’s activities. These activities can be anything from working as a storyteller at a local game, to organizing a National convention, and any number of organizational activities in-between.

TL;DR: Useful Info


Prestige is essentially the Org’s way of rewarding the members for investing their time and efforts into supporting the organization AND for supporting the various Charitable offerings that MES promotes on a regular basis.


VIP is awarded exclusively for supporting the MES proper.


Please take a moment to check this information out, and let me know if I can answer any questions for you.


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