Following National’s direction
“Good afternoon:

We have noticed the disturbing trend of applications reaching Top with no
comments from the VST, DST, or RST.
Part of the job of the ST Chain is to properly vet applications before
approving an item.
If there are no comments made on an application the NST’s Office has no way
to ensure that the ST Chain reviewed the application, vetted the
application, and actually approves of the item as opposed to accidentally
passing it on.

By direction of the NST, applications that do not have comments will be
reset to the ST review level just above the last that approved *and*

Thank you.

–Chris Angell
ANST: Masquerade”

I have already been working on this on the regional level and we will be
requiring the same standards.

I want to understand your thought process in the comments and know why you
think it’s a good or bad thing for your game.    The local ST  staff is
some of the most valuable story telling in the chain.     You know your
players better than anyone and can help them to understand the settings.

To help this my Arsts will be working on a document of sample questions
which we think would be useful for different types of applications.
These will be things we are looking for and will be part of the mentorship
and guidance so that you get an idea of what to do as sts.    In addition,
I’d recommend going through and doing character audits.    Look at the
characters in your venue and look at the questions asked by national and
regional to get a sneak peek at what we think is useful.

John Thomas

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