Fundraising options – results

Hi all!
We had some good turn out for responses on what folks would like to see where fundraisers for the Domain are concerned.  The results are posted below for review.
There was overwhelming support to continue raffles at the games, so we will certainly continue doing that going forward.  There was also interest in an IC/OOC auction and potluck, selling RPS cards etc at game, and both Poker Night / per game site fees.
The introduction of site fees at game (per game or monthly) was also the highest ranked in disliked options.  That being the case, I think we should look at the other options first, (to see if we can maintain the level of funds that the Domain needs annually), before instituting a per game fee.
If the folks who were interested in helping put Poker Night together could please contact the ADC Socials – Mike McGough – at , we can get started on getting that organized.
I will get with Mike to discuss the parameters of an IC/OOC auction and potluck to be hosted after FGoTM.  We will get that on the calendar by end of the year.
Thank you to everyone for giving us your feedback, information like this helps give the Domain direction
Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

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