Mind’s Eye Society Expulsions

The Mind’s Eye Society Board of Directors recently elected to expel a
member who, on their public facebook wall and on the National Coordinator’s
public page, voiced messages of intolerance toward members of our LGBTQ

All members are ambassadors for our club, doubly so when they are officers.
When a member espouses hatred, it makes it easy for potential members to
assume that the Mind’s Eye Society is a place where such values are
tolerated and flourish.

Our club mission and vision are ones of inclusion, cooperation, and
collaboration. Intolerance, bigotry, and hatred have no place in our club
and members who make statements to that effect don’t either.

The Board processes a handful of expulsions over the course of a year,
which are voted on and recorded in the minutes, and published on the MES
website. The expulsion process is detailed in our guiding documents. The
Board’s preference has always been that officers demonstrate that good
faith attempts to correct behavior have taken place before an expulsion is
processed, however egregious, dangerous, and/or criminal behavior may
trigger an immediate expulsion proceeding.

If members are engaged in dangerous and/or criminal activity, we encourage
members who are aware of it to go to law enforcement first. These are not
acts that MES can investigate because we are not a law enforcement agency.
Members found to have engaged in such activities will be expelled.

The Mind’s Eye Society is committed to safe and inclusive practices, which
includes removing members as needed. We cannot tolerate the intolerant and
we will not allow members to remain who make their domains unsafe or
unwelcoming for others.

Roo Wetzel
MES Board of Directors

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