Holiday Charities – Regional Prestige Matching!

For the holiday season, regional is offering prestige-matching for any domain-level seasonal giving charities.

That’s right! If your local domain is doing any type of seasonal giving charity, such as food donation, winter garments, holiday gifts, shelter volunteering, or similar, if you send a copy of your receipt or proof of donation to regional, we will award you regional prestige at the standard rates for such, in addition to the prestige from your local domain!

We especially encourage local drives to support shelters during the holidays, but anything our members can do to genuinely contribute to someone’s holiday season being safe and warm is a good thing.

Please send a copy of your proof of donation or time volunteered to and copy Regional prestige is awarded at the rate of 1R prestige for $3 donated, or 10R prestige for each hour volunteered.

In the absence of a domain-sponsored seasonal giving charity, members can still donate goods, time or money to eligible charities’ holiday seasonal giving endeavors for regional prestige.  Eligible charities for this option include any 501(c)3 non-profit charity, without religious or political affiliation, providing direct assistance to that member’s local community this holiday season (see examples above).

Sarah Himebaugh
SW ARC Charities

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