MES National Discord Server is Live!

Greetings, fellow MES Members!

Tonight, I’ve got some great news for you.  The MES National Discord Server
is now live and open for business!  In order to answer some of the most
immediate questions:

*What will the MES National Discord Server be used for?*
The MES National Discord Server is an Official Communication Channel for
the club, meaning that the Code of Conduct is enforced.  The server is
intended to be a place for a variety of needs, and initially will provide
communication channels at the National and Regional levels.  Some officers
have already begun requesting channels for specific purposes in their
regions/venues/teams, and more will be requested and built as time goes
on.  While Discord servers already exist elsewhere in the club, some of
these have opted to migrate to the official server, and others will be
doing so post-launch.

*Who runs this server?*
This server is administrated by the NTA’s office.  Coordinator oversight of
the server falls under the purview of our National Coordinator and
Communities Manager, although specific areas of the server (such as
regional channels) may have Coordinator oversight from their appropriate
officer chain.

*What if I need a channel, or have a suggestion?*
*If you have a suggestion for something to add or an improvement to be
made, the #suggestions channel is available!*

* If you are a National or Regional officer requesting a channel, the
#channel-requests channel is there for you!   *

*What do I do now?*
Join the server and start chatting with your friends!

If you are a National or Regional officer who has not yet joined the
server, please note your position(s) in the #help channel after joining so
that the server administrators can get you the appropriate permissions.

*What if I need a coordinator?*
Coordinators can be flagged on the server with @Coordinator, and if none
are online #!coordinator provides instructions for contacting the
coordinators via email.

*What is this login thing?*
When you first log into the the Discord server, it will redirect you to the
MES Portal, where you will log in using your normal MES Portal account.
This will set your nickname on the server and ensure that your account is
tied to your Discord.  It also provides you an opportunity to join some of
our existing channels.

*Where do I go?*
Here’s an invite to the server!  Please feel free to share this with your
MES friends who may not be on these mailing lists.

*I have other questions, who do I ask?*
Assistance can be found on the server in the #help channel.  Alternatively,
a support ticket can be submitted using our existing system at

Have a great week and see you on Discord, folks!

Kyle Broekers US2011067798
National Technical Administrator

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