Garou – VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period)

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.

At this time we have two applicants for the position of VST, for the Under A Desert Moon Apocalypse VSS.  These applications follow, and you all have through the end of November 15th to review the applications, and ask any relevant questions you have.

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy.  The VST candidates will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.  Note that Karen has indicated she may be unable to respond to questions until Sunday due to work constraints.

Application #1: Karen Blythe

Identifying Information: Karen Blythe US2013040128
Contact Information:

Objective: As VST, I plan on focusing on local plots that engage players in creating personal and dynamic stories.

Plan of Action:
Regarding Games logistics – I plan on having multiple AVSTs and using them extensively to help with the workload and the wait time for an ST while at game.  I prefer run large games with a team of STs at a  player-ST ratio of about 10:1.  I also will be enforcing strict office hours to make myself available to answer emails and ST business at designated times.  I most likely will NOT be running a lot of combat online, as I believe things like that should be handled at game.  I will also have game at a set time every month (late afternoon/ evening for the start of game), and preferably in the same location with outdoor games in the nicer months.

Plots – For me, the more personal, the better.  Especially when the relationships between NPCs and PCs are grown organically.  That said, a dungeon crawl monster of the week plot is fun too every so often.  In a large group LARP setting, you need to have a variety of plots and approaches since you are dealing with a more diverse audience.

Other – I encourage props, costumes, and minor theatrics, as I feel it really adds to the game and what makes LARP so unique vs. table top or online games.

We are in an awesome position in which out caern location is within a short drive of our normal play locations and it’s an actual park with camp grounds.  I would like to host a camp out game over the weekend during the next year.

ST Experience: 1999 – started playing MET Apocalypse
2000-2002 – Admin of Kenosha OWbN Garou (and several other LARPS)
2001-2002  – Tribal Coord Silver Fangs OWbN
2003 – Founding member of TGN
2002-2005 Admin/ST/HST – TC Garou (TGN)
2005 – Coord – Children of Gaia and Black Furies (TGN)
2006 – Coord – Silver Fangs (TGN)
2007-2009 ST – Kenosha Garou (OWbN)
2013 -Active in MES Garou
2017 – Signed on as a AVST under Conner
Plus Countless table tops through the years and organizing many, many large event games with player sizes ranging between 25-250.

Other Relevant Experience –
I am a corporate trainer for programming in my day job and have 9+ years health insurance experience.  Meaning, I power game rules and teach people how to do the same for a living.  I also was very active in the local theater and film community from 2003-2013 doing tech and effects.

I intend to complete any needed standards if elected.

Disciplinary Actions: none
Paid member status – paid through Nov 2019

[End of application]
Application #2: Michael Day

Mind’s Eye Society Resume
Michael Day

Mission Statement for the position of Venue Storyteller of Garou for AZ-010:
Garou is a challenging setting to be a storyteller for, it can have high drama, menacing interactions, and deadly consequences for characters. Tackling the venue when BNS was brand new to all players has been a tough road to hoe. Now nearly two years into the chronicle, it is time to smooth out the rough edges and get back to just playing the game we all know and love My goal here, is to create within the paradigm that already exists a game that is welcoming and enjoyable for everyone. To utilize the BNS setting to greater effect, and expound upon areas of the game we just don’t generally get a lot of.

Brief Plan of Action-
Over the past two years, I have had the luxury of sitting above the venues and domains being able to see the larger picture and the different ideas that have great efficacy. I have learned how to be both the Storyteller I have been for the last couple decades, and meld it with the newer, fresher ideas promoted by the newer generation of players involved in the club. There are a few very important things, that I think will carry tremendous effect on the local game.

1. Shoutouts, for a long time this was an end of game ritual that helped to promote the idea that people are very different from their characters. A tense scene unfolds, and at the end of the night a shoutout is given for the intensity of it. It helps promote the idea that we are people first, and allows us to let off and joke a bit about the nights events. If elected, this will be high on my list of important changes needed.

2. There is no 24 hour games for players anymore, it was decidedly dropped as it presented to much of a disadvantage to those unwilling to devote beyond a certain percentage of time to a hobby. That said, as a Storyteller, I can provide a steady backdrop via the lists that does nothing more than give framing and window dressing to whatever plots are being run. I believe that we don’t really take advantage of the many things that Garou could learn just by existing. It will not diminish influences or downtimes at all, in fact it may even promote using them more often.

3. I know well enough that I have my weaknesses as a person, and as a Storyteller. I recognize that somethings may go well, and some may go poorly. However, I am going to listen to the players. If elected I would like to have a social where in we discuss the feelings on the directions things have taken, what criticisms do you have? What did you like a whole lot? This won’t be an invitation to harsh on past Storytellers, but it will be a time to take an honest look at what is working and what really is just a turn off for the game.

4. There needs to be a bit more focus on the packs, perhaps more definition. It seems to have blurred a bit, but I’m certain we can get that back on track.
Mostly, I am just going to work to make the game enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Camarilla/MES Positions Held
ACC Conflict Resolution- One Term
AVST Cam/Anarch- Multiple Terms
AVST Sabbat – Multiple Terms
AVST Lost- Multiple Terms
AVST Requiem- Multiple Terms
AVST Apocalypse- Multiple Terms
AVST Mage the Awakening-Multiple Terms
VST Sabbat – Multiple Terms
VST Lost – Multiple Terms
VST Requiem- One Term
VST Forsaken-One Term
ADST Special Events AZ-010D- One Term
DST FL-011D – Multiple Terms
DST AZ-010D – One Term
SE ARST Lost- One Term
SW ARST Masquerade- Partial Term
Tribe Lead: Bone Gnawers – One Term
AANST Chief of Staff for Apocalypse under Matt Asbell
SW RST Currently in First Term (One year in)
Convention Experience
Lead Support, SERE 2011
Security second, SERE 2011
Storyteller Assistant for Mage the Awakening, SERE 2011
Storyteller Lead for Changeling the Lost, SERE 2011
Assistant Storyteller Lost, New Orleans by Night 2011
Security Assistant New Orleans by Night 2011
Assistant Storyteller Apocalypse ABN 2012
Security Assistant ABN 2012
Apocalypse Storyteller Second Apocalypse LABN 2013
Security Assistant LABN 2013
Charity Second LABN 2013
Consulting Storyteller SERE 2013
Security Lead SWRE 2014
Between 2002 and 2008 I have participated in three SEREs in an administrative capacity. I have assisted with numerous Featured Games, having managed /led at least two and have helped coordinate and run three immersion L.A.R.P.s for the South East Region.

Relevant Experience
ST and Coordinator for an online Sabbat game hosting 500 plus players. This event was staged on the old White Wolf site and communications were run by Email, ICQ, AIM, and MSN Messenger.
I was one of three STs for a long-standing online Cam/Anarch game, staged on MiRC, for 50 plus players.
Worked with TGN staff to develop and implement MET conversions for the heterogeneous gifts, skills, and mechanics.
AVST for troupe TGN game.
VST for troupe TGN game.
25 years of experience running table top games, utilizing various systems, methods, and genres.
Petty Officer Third Class in the United States Navy.
I have worked with numerous non-profit organizations to accomplish goals and deadlines.
Assistant Mediator and Arbitrator for Helping Hands for Healing Hearts (NPO located in Florida) for two years.
Multiple years of Customer Service experience including but not limited to: Fielding request and complaints from customers, keeping with deadlines, and upholding company and client confidentiality.
I have had jobs where my responsibilities included the supervision of more than three hundred people.
Patient service technician with Barnes Healthcare LLC. Entrusted to evaluate patients for temporary or permanent assistance items. I received multiple awards for exceptional customer service and care.

I have passed the Membership Standard (I think) and the Storyteller Standard, I have not bothered with the Storyteller Process Standards as it has not been required.

I am a paid member of the MES in good standing.

I have not been the subject of any Disciplinary Actions.

[End of application]

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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