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The MES draws a hard line on issues involving non-consensual sex (ie rape)/sex acts in the IC game. While there have been no concrete violations of this policy; it is important that we recognize it may also not be skirted.  When in doubt – don’t.


TLDR : read the Membership Handbook (pg 23) on In Character Sexual Assault Ban.  If your conversation or scene is skirting the edges of the policy – disengage and change topics.



In Character Sexual Assault Ban In order to promote a safer and more comfortable environment for all of our members, rape/sexual assault as a role-playing concept is banned from this point forward. This is effective in all venues.

  • No characters may have been/be a rapist or be a victim of rape as part of their background or history
  • No new rape/sexual assault scenes will be permitted or run.
  • Sexual assault includes any scene in which a character would be required to participate in a sexual act against their own will — whether through force, coercion, or use of a power or ability. A character cannot be caused to participate in a sexual act they would not choose of their own volition.
  • Sexual assault scenes include sexual assault (unwelcome contact of a sexual nature), and any discussion or description of sexual assault. Both are banned from play.
  • ST’s may not use rape/sexual assault as a plot device.
  • This rule applies to both PCs and NPCs.
  • Breaches of this policy are cheating, and may be considered to be a breach of MES policies governing unacceptable and unwelcome conduct.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to reach out to me


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