OPEN DISCUSSION – Domain Fundraisers

Good morning!

As promised, I am opening the discussion on what we can do as a Domain to hold functional fundraisers for our coffers.

Now, you may ask yourself – why do we need to raise money for the Domain?

Let me answer that for you! J

· Site rental fees – the use of the Don Cassano room for one night (roughly 6 hours) is appox $75.00
· LARP insurance – to rent the Don Cassano (or many other locations, including our FG locations) we need this. Annual coverage is appox $500
· Socials – if the Domain would like to host socials and pick up the tab, we need to have money to do that.
· Supplies – unless donated, we occasionally need to buy supplies for the Domain to keep us running
· FGoTM – ideally, we would like our registration fees to cover the cost of the event, but many times it does not. We need this buffer to make contract

These are all overhead expenses that the Domain has to figure out how to cover annually.

Let’s pull everything out of the equation EXCEPT for the Don Cassano room and the LARP Liability insurance.

=== For ONE GAME a month at the Don Cassano ===

$75.00 x 12 months = $900
$500 per year for insurance (assuming the single game takes on the full cost)
$1400.00 per year


$117.00 (rounded up) per month

In the month of October… the Domain raised $175 (in both cash and electronic donations). Sounds GREAT… except… we rented the Don Cassano room twice and one of those rentals was for an extended time period. Our total room rental for Don Cassano in October was $242.50 (that does not factor in % of LARP insurance). We bled money in October.

So I’m sure you can see the quandary. How do we make all of these awesome things that we want to do happen?

Raffles are great. We seem to average about $100 a month.. sometimes more.. but they have to be held at *every game* and *every month* to be effective.

So… the floor is yours. What are your ideas? Let’s hear them.

Reminder: criticism is fine, so long as it remains constructive. If you come to the table with a problem, also come to the table with a proposed solution.

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010
MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead


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