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Just a quick housekeeping thing as we get started. MES observes a Social Media Policy which applies to all members of the club.

TLDR : read the link here – and be mindful of what you post on your FB and Social Media.


Social Media

Mind’s Eye Society endeavors to create social spaces that are safe from harassment or bullying for all members, including online. MES recognizes three broad categories of social media:

· Club-owned social media (e.g., the official MES page)

· Member-created and -owned club-related social media (e.g., a domain Facebook page or group)

· Personal social media (e.g., personal Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc.)

The MES Code of Conduct is in effect at all times in the use of club-owned and club-related social media.

Personal social media are not considered to be directly covered by the Code of Conduct, unless it is in regards to club activities. For example:

· A) The media is clearly tagged, or a social media group that has a stated purpose as being for IC/OOC conversations about club activities

· B) The topic discussed is clearly a club-related matter

MES does not police non-club-related interactions. Personal disputes (such as in the case of conflicting beliefs or opinions) are not covered by this policy. However, note that posting to Social Media in a way that other people can see in an abusive or threatening way may result in a member choosing to start Conflict Resolution, even if the content of that post was not directly related to club activities. Coordinator staff of MES are available upon request to facilitate mediation.

In short: Before posting something onto Facebook, or Twitch, or Twitter, or any of the various social media outlets modern technology now affords us; please take a moment to reflect on what you are posting. If it could be taken as harassment or bullying (MES tagged or not), perhaps reconsider phrasing before hitting .

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