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Hello again!

One more, just some basic housekeeping reminders for folks.

The MES observes some fairly standard expectations of behavior for posts and activities on its lists. While the below policy is written specifically for the MES hosted lists, the behavior expectations also apply to our locally hosted lists.

TLDR: read the link here: – note the section on PROHIBITED CONTENT. Please be mindful of the content and tone in your posts.



The following content is prohibited from being submitted to any Mind’s Eye Society mailing list. Posting prohibited content may result in warnings or an immediate ban from Mind’s Eye Society mailing lists at the discretion of the moderators.

1. Any out-of-character remarks which are sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, derogatory towards any religion, excessively obscene or vulgar, or discriminatory against any class protected by law.

2. Any out-of-character remark which promotes or illustrates an illegal activity, including unauthorized file sharing or copyright infringement, are prohibited. Likewise, links to sites that contain such information.

3. Out-of-character personal attacks. Users should take special care to prevent in-character activity from being perceived as an out-of-character attack.

4. Out-of-character content which appears deliberately designed for the purpose of angering or insulting others (known as “trolling”).

5. Any personal information that is not your own, unless explicitly authorized to do so by the person whose information you are posting.

6. Out-of-character information known to be factually inaccurate. Opinions are welcome, but honesty is required.

7. Any out-of-character emails exchanged privately, unless explicitly authorized to do so by the author of the email being copied to the mailing list.

8. Spam. This includes off-topic or excessive advertising.

It’s often very easy to misinterpret intent on email and electronic communication. When in doubt, ask a clarifying question, before making an assumption. If the communication does not belong on the public forums, take it private.

If you find that you are passionate about a topic, write your email, but walk away from it for an hour (or more) before hitting .

I plan on being very attentive to this on our lists going forward.

I have faith that we can be better about this.

Ever Forward,



DC – DMH AZ D010

MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead


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