DC Transition


Let me first say thanks to the membership for having faith that I can do this. I hope to not let you down.

Thank you to Conner, for wrangling a tough job for the last 12 months, the DC job is a rough one. Your volunteering (as a mostly new member) was certainly appreciated.
· Thank you to Renee for helping Conner out as his ADC.

· Thank you to Wade York for managing various IT things, we often forget how important they are.

· Thank you to Daniel Miller for championing Charities – the real reason I joined the Org, oh so many years ago.

At this time –

· Bryan Himebaugh will be stepping up as my ADC Social Media / Communications – he will be responsible for maintaining all of our Social Media presence: Wiki, Website and FB page to include announcements and updating the calendar(s).

· Bryan Lee Briggs will be remaining on Staff as ADC Assets, to maintain the Domain’s repository of decorations and set dressing.

I will be sending out an ALL CALL for various other ADC positions within the next 24 hours – keep an eye open for those.

My schedule this week:
· MONDAY – I have Girl Scouts on Mondays. I am the Cadette Leader for the Troop. I will not be available tonight

· TUESDAY – Meeting with Conner to go over finances, PayPal transition, and FGoTM things

· WEDNESDAY – Meeting with Sarah Himebaugh to go over DC/DST things and pair up where needed

· THURSDAY – SKYPE meeting for MESCON. I will not be available that night

My weekend is mostly open, though I do have to make certain I make time to grade papers for my COMM class. I am planning on stopping by Sabbat at least for opening announcements, and will ensure there is someone from Coord staff present.

Ever forward,

Charmain Hopkins

DC – Az-010-D, Dead Man’s Hand

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