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Hi All!

So, one of the things that I mentioned when I threw my hat into the ring was empowering our members to become more involved and educating them on what we do. Let’s look behind that green curtain and let folks have the opportunity to really be involved.

To that end, I am opening an ALL-CALL for the following ADC positions. If you are interested in any of these, please contact me.

Please include “DMH ADC (position) ALL CALL” in your subject line, and tell me:

a.Why you would like to do this job

b.What you would do with it if you are selected

This ALL CALL will from today 11/5/2018 through 11/16/2019 and I will announce the new staff on 11/17/2019 in time for our Social/Meeting and Cam/Anarch Game.

(If there are no applicants for a position, I will hold it open until the end of the month; after which time, the position will fold back under the duties and responsibilities of the main office.)



This position will serve as the second-in-command for the DC office. They will learn the ropes of the DC’s office, including all of the hidden working parts that help the Domain run. They will help with Staff meetings and reports, and help maintain open lines of communication within the Domain between Staff and Membership. Ideally this person will be “training up” to be able to run for office themselves when they feel ready.

ADC – Arbitration

This position will serve as a point of contact for members who would like assistance with conflict resolution within the Domain. While the final authority for this rests with the DC’s office, it is sometimes easier to have someone else to speak to initially. The ADC arbitration will be available to listen to member concerns, and present those concerns to the DC office, should a member not feel that they are able to do so on their own.

ADC – Charities

This position will be responsible for organizing the Charity drives for the Domain. Charities should be chosen for each quarter and vetted against the MES policies for choosing charities. This office will be responsible for collecting hard goods from physical drives and delivering them to the chosen charities, and reporting on member donations on a monthly basis.

ADC – Games

This position will be responsible for ensuring that a representative from the Coord office is present at every game. They will serve as the point of contact for the Coord office, should the DC or ADC not be able to attend. They will also be responsible for handling all cash/electronic transactions for raffles and donations, in the absence of the DC / ADC, and ensuring those monies are handed off to the DC as soon as possible.

ADC – new player education

This position will be responsible for mentoring new members. This office will keep track of who our new (18 months or newer) members are, and ensure they have all the tools they need to navigate the MES. Education shall include: websites, officers, MES organization as a whole, prestige, events, etc. This office will be expected to work closely with new members specifically, and help answer questions they may have.

ADC Prestige

This position will help with auditing Prestige logs for members, and answering questions of the membership on how to handle prestige within the Organization.

ADC – Socials

This position will be responsible for organizing socials for the Domain. Socials should occur *at least* once a quarter, but may occur more often. For an event to be considered an official Social, all members of the Domain *must* be able to attend.

Charmain Hopkins

DC – Az-010-D, Dead Man’s Hand

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