DMH – Domain Coordinator Election

Good afternoon, Dead Man’s Hand!

I have reviewed the applications and include them below.
You have two applicants for the Domain Coordinator Position:
  • Renee Babin
  • Charmain Hopkins
This Q&A phase will last for one week, until Friday, November 2nd.  I might extend this period if there’s a particularly lively conversation going on.
Please let me know if I can provide any more information!

Alex Winfield
SW ARC Elections
Renee Babin
*My goals during my time of election are to establish better communication between the DC position and all players I want to make sure everyone is comfortable coming to me with their problems. I also want try to reserve game space months in advance to games as needed and have back ups planned in case things go pear shaped.
Plan of action:
*I plan to constantly remind people they can come to me no matter what I am doing even if it’s in the middle of a game. I’ve been researching sign language and have found a simple sign that people can make when they want/ need to talk to me when I am am physically present.
*For reserving game spaces I am going to make a schedule so I know when which games are on which days so that I can reserve space at least two or three months ahead of time and back ups at the ready.
I used to Arst elections but had to give it up because I was in school at the time but now that I’ve graduated I have more free time.
The only outside experience I have is scheduling clients at my work place and settling disputes between friends.
I am currently a paid up member and I have not taken any of the standards yet but I will complete them either prior to or upon my election into the position
I do not have any disciplinary actions
Charmain Hopkins
Objective: My plan is to ensure that DMH remains a strong motivating force within the Southwest, for both new and established members. Demonstrative investment by membership in our local venues as well as our annual Featured Game will help set the stage for hosting MESCON 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ.
Plan of Action: I do not believe that this Domain can run on its own, nor can be managed by a single person exclusively. We have skilled and invested members, as well as new members who are eager to assist. Education, learning, and opportunity are key terms that I fully support. Delegation is a thing. I believe in the right tools/people for the right jobs, and will be more than happy to invest in the roles of ADCs to ensure that everything is handled smoothly. What is the adage : a rising tide lifts all boats?
Coordinator – Spellbound in Darkness
ADC – Special Projects                     2006-2008
SW ARC – Events and Charities      2006-2007
SW ARC Charities                           2006-2007
VST – Dreaming                               2005-2007
VST – Lost                                        2007- 2008
SW ARST – Changeling –                 2008-2009
ANST – LOST                                   2011-2012
VST – Garou                                      2011-2012
When not in office, I have also been instrumental in the bidding out of various events for our local Domain and the Southwest Region, and have assisted in the planning and execution of multiple Featured Games.  I am also currently on the Membership Handbook Revisions Team, have been recently added to the Board Investigative Panel, and am helping as the Concierge Lead for MESCON 2019.
Mundane Resume:
MAED – Adult Education and Training
BA – English Lit
BS – Intercultural Communication
Project Management Cert
HR Management Cert
Served on the Human Resources Intercultural Advisory committee for the City of Mesa – assisted in the creation of city codes for education and prevention of discrimination.
I teach Interpersonal Communication, with emphasis on cross cultural communication and Conflict Management at the University of Phoenix.
I am a paid (current) member. I have taken the OLD standards, and will take all needed (NEW) Standards as required for this position. I have had no disciplinary actions in the past 2 years.

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