FGoTM – Funds – Seeking Help

Hey folks,
As Charmain mentioned, we are always seeking help to make our Featured Game the best it can be!
This year, our site expenses have increased for our local games – we’ve been doing fine about paying them from our Domain funds. However, that’s an expense we weren’t paying for in our previous years.
Currently we’re looking at our finances and we may be coming up shorter than we expected. Here’s where we come to you all.
We raise a bit of money at our Raffles for the various venues, but we’re again pulling in less than we have before. It happens, we all have real life to contend with and bills that leap on us without notice.
However, if you can, and you want to, we’re always accepting donations for the Domain and our Featured Game. You can either pass on the donation to our Domain Coordinator, or through our website – we’ve got a Paypal enabled donate button!
Thanks all, for reading this, and for all you do for our Domain!

Bryan Himebaugh

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